i love jeans-style t-shirt now! seriously!
i mean, everywhere i go, i'd be finding for those type of t-shirt. i've bought three of them! but haven't got a chance to wear them yet considering it's winter-spring now. (u know what i mean; it's spring but it's still cold like winter. but it isn't cold enough that you can wear jeans inside your winter coat. else, u'd be sweating inside!)

so, what style do you like?
it doesn't matter if it's an 'in' fashion or 'old' fashion. sometimes, we just loveee those fashions that they are considered 'in' even though they are 'old'.

share with me! what's yours?

It was a 4-hour travel to the Leesburg!
Well, if you still don't know. I'm in College Park. And I'm guessing that Leesburg is the nearest outlet from my place.

My first time going to an outlet was in December! at Woodbury Commons! Goshhh. I will never ever ever forget my first time shopping at the outlet. I've spent hundreds of dollars there! It's my first time spending THAT MUCH! I mean, who wouldn't be interested? Everything was on sale! And goshhh, Esprit was the best. "Take 50% off for your entire purchase." I bought my beautiful watch for just 25 usd. and it was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL, okayy? and I bought one for my daddy, too! :D

Okayyy, so back to the sale two days ago.
Truthfully, I didn't enjoy it as much as I did during the December-After-Holiday-Sale. But, heyy. who cares? They are still sale, okay? :)and well, the outlet at Leesburg isn't as big as the outlet at Woodbury. I'm planning on trying the outlet at Hagerstown after this; who's with me? ;) Who have been there? Tell me your experience at Hagerstown!

P.S - Though there's not much sale there, I ended up buying A LOT of things, too. But heyy, I'm going back to Malaysia. I need to buy some stuff for my family, don't I? So, it isn't much of my fault, right?? Ohhhh! and I bought a CUTE T-SHIRT!!!!! I LOVE IT! I'm waiting for the weather to be less cold. Then, I can show off my t-shirt!

Happy Shopping, babes!
Welcome! 02/03/2010
Started my little place today.
Excited, I would say. A day in history, huh? *wink* *wink*

Well, I would say. Things just started. So, I'm putting things in, little by little. But, if you can think of something better, drop some comments! 

I'll improve. 
I'll put things you want me to inside! ;)

Now, there's clothes and education!
2 important things for all teens! ;)

Many more to come!


    I'm a teen, too!
    Just like you!
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